From the very beginning of my design career, I have a passion for fonts, typo's, calligraphy. A word says one thing, the design of the font places it in a context, atmosphere or time. This intriguing idea calls the need in me to explore new forms & easthetics for typefaces.

Below you'll find a collection of our fonts.
Some fonts are free of use, you recognize them by the FREE BLOCK!
Need a fontdesign for your logo or corporate style? send an e-mail with your request.

Clinic font-family

The Clinic is a font designed by Gerben Hoeve with help from Fleur (van Plus Fleur). The GHD Clinic was one of my earlier designs and laid on a shelve for about 8 years. In that period I did a lot of research and used the clinic for several purposes in my work, also to test it out. Some examples below.

Clinic Regular

Clinic font by GHDesigns

Clinic Italic

Clinic font by GHDesigns

Clinic Light

Clinic font by GHDesigns

Clinic Light Italic

Clinic font by GHDesigns

We are working on the completion of the rest of the Clinic family.
GHD Clinic will become our basic humanist type.
Interested in the Clinic Regular or Light? Request your sample here (Full version):

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Janet Thin font FREE FONT!

Janet is a dear friend of mine, who asked me if I could turn a logo, consisting of 4 glyphs, into a complete font. This is the result. It's registered under an open source licence, so feel free to try out and use it.

Janet Thin font by GHDesigns

Janet Thin font by GHDesigns
Janet Thin

Download Janet Thin

GSpace font FREE FONT!

A friend of me gave me this really nice sign for my birthday once. It contained these kind of letters, I don't know exactly how they looked like, but it was something like this. (I got the name G'Space from my friends, when I started DJ-ing; I've adopted it since then)

Just like the Spacelab font, you can use capitals and lowercase all together to create the best combination.

GSPACE font by GHDesigns

GSPACE font by GHDesigns

Download GSpace

You can also download these fonts from my Fontstruct page. And don't forget to vote!


For the design of the website www.rijverbod.nl I needed a type that looked like the LED Stop Police signs. This is why I love to work with FontStruct. It's very quick and easy to create a monospaced, blocked and dotted fonttypes.
Below is the example and free give away of this font.

STOP POLICE font by GHDesigns


You can also download these fonts from my Fontstruct page.

Klonk Capital font FREE FONT!

Klonk is a monospaced font that I developed in reaction to the fonts of Atelier Knip and the Gruyterfabriek. This example shows how quick and easy you can create cut-out types with Fontstruct.
I made these examples, you can download these for free.

Klonk font by GHDesigns
Klonk Regular

Klonk Narrow font by GHDesigns
Klonk Narrow

The complet story of 'the making off' you find over here:
Artikel Klonk, Artikel Klonk Narrow (English).

Download Klonk
Download Klonk Narrow

Spacelab font FREE FONT!

Spacelab is a monospace font I designed for the record label Spacelab 2042. See the logo example.

Logo Spacelab 2042

Also a font I could easily develop and make alternates for with Fontstruct.

Logo Spacelab 2042

Download Spacelab

NON-Aligned font exploration

Exploring fonts for the logo of 'NON-Aligned'.

NON-Aligned font by GHDesigns

The second logo I like best, especially for the A in the first logo, always loved that in tha Avantgarde type.

NON-Aligned font by GHDesigns

Final result.

NON-Aligned font by GHDesigns

Stripes font

Stripes font by GHDesigns

Stripes font for the logo of 'Strepen en Stippen'.

More types, like the one of our logo and others you find on our website, are in development. These and types will be available on short notice.
I maintain to keep the policy to offer a reasonable amount of types FREE :) So keep yourself updated with Twitter or keep checking our site!

* Except for older browser that don't support the @font technique.